Monday, April 23, 2012

A Happy Hive

I traveled to Charleston, IL this weekend to photograph Kyle, Beth, and their two little sprouts Mckenzie and Jake. I was so happy that they invited me to their home outside of Charleston. They have a cozy hive, tucked away in the woods where you could forget time. 

It's always a great experience to document a family that is caring, fun, and spirited (and likes brownies as much as I do). Kyle and Beth will be welcoming a new little someone into their lives this fall, I can't think of a happier family to be welcomed into! 

Here's a little peak into our Saturday morning walk in the woods.

oh I forgot to mention Eleanor Rigby, the tiny dachshund. 
and of course, Mackenzie's little pooch, Layla.  


  1. Love these! I love the one with the little girl riding piggy back but you just see her in the corner with her smiling eyes. They're all so good! And they have a pup that looks just like the one I used to have :)

  2. absolutely beautiful family!! good goodness! The photography is totally amazing as well.. as always. :]