Meet Me

Hi, I'm Chelsea. 

I passionately believe that every person should have beautiful photographs that document their lives. Photographs tell a story, give life to a memory, and bring us understanding. Photography knows no language, it translates throughout the world. 

I am a mother to two incredible, small sized people that have reinforced my love for photography and given it new purpose. These days of our lives are precious and fleeting, and capturing these moments is meaningful. 

My photographic style is candid, honest, spirited, emotional, unique, and real. I believe in documenting your life in the moment and capturing time as it is now. When you look back on your family photos 10 years from now, you should remember who you were at that moment, not just what you looked like. 

I'm located in Shelbyville, IL. I will travel anywhere you take me and I will photograph anyone under the sun. I started doing photography (film style) in 2006 while taking a journalism course at a Liberal Arts College in Montana. After I realized my passion for photography I moved to Seattle to study it at the Art Institute of Seattle. I've been practicing photography professionally since 2008.

This is me (and the people who make me, me). I'm awfully glad to meet ya! 


  1. Hi Chelsea! Youre such an amazing photographer! I mean your photos are always so full of life and full of emotions! I feel like staring at them all the time, and most of them are my screensavers! Haha:D And as Im new to photography, youre an inspiration! I'd really like to learn from you, and meet you, as youre always so dedicated towards your work!:) I really hope you see this message, and reply. And hey if youre on facebook, do let me know as i'd love to talk to you!
    Loads of love! xx(: cheerio!

  2. Hi Chelsea. I LOVE your pictures! I edit them & post the finishing one's on my blog. ( ) Umm .. so yeah . I hope you see this & reply! And I hope you look at my blog! :) Keep snapping those Amazing photos! :) Thanks!

    sb :)

  3. Hi Chelsea,
    Just wanted to let you know I think your work is amazing. I'm about to purchase of one your prints (Saxophone Dreams) on UGALLERY. Can't wait to see more! Keep kicking ass.


    1. Thanks Abigail! So great to hear from people who like the work!! Cheers to you! Chelsea