Sunday, June 5, 2011

Kristen and David, Hitched!

My first all film wedding, photographed for Kristen and David, one of the most unique and inspiring Seattle couples that I've worked with. Kristen and David were wed at Greenwood's Gainsbourg just a few short blocks from their home. A small gathering with their closest friends and Kristen's daughter Addy made for a wonderfully intimate gathering and a truly special day. I told Kristen that she was the most agreeable brides I had ever worked with, and felt compelled to announce this to the world in this blog post, because it was a very sincere statement. 

Very late the night before Kristen and David's wedding my digital camera started giving me a digital error. After countless hours of trouble shooting with the help of online forums, I resolved that my camera was not going to be the lucky apparatus to capture Kristen and David's special day. So early the next morning with a backpack stuffed full (I mean FULL) of film and three cameras dangling around my neck I made it over to Kristens house. She was enchanted with the idea of an all film wedding, and I couldn't be happier at how it all worked out. I love the raw and honset feeling of the whole set, and found it very hard to edit down the number of frames to share in this blog post. I hope you enjoy this selection of photos of a very lovely Sunday wedding in Seattle. 

Thank you, Kristen and David, for being incredibly cooperative and inviting me to be a part of your wedding celebration!

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  1. Chelsea!!!!!!! These are AMAZING!!!!! I love them all and I know the Bride and Groom will too. It's crazy how easily we, or maybe I should say I, can forget how amazing film is. All the images are so romantic and lovely.