Monday, July 19, 2010

in life and love

I had the wonderful delight yesterday of photographing my great friend Michael and some of his closest companions. Michael is moving away from Seattle and wanted to get some photographs of himself and his friends, I jumped at the opportunity... what an amazing group of people, and models :) 

Michael (MB as I usually refer to him) is featured below in several of the shots... if you don't know him, he's the one with the adorable bow tie! 


  1. beautiful pics!!! thanks so much for your work and nice to meet you!


  2. these are really have a creative eye. A lot of my photographer friends rock at posing but struggle to capture the moment in candid shots.

    The first 3 make me smile... I just love everything about these. They are fun, I love your processing, and you can easily see each & every personality through these images.

  3. Thank you both!
    @Michael: great to meet you too! Loved working with you!
    @The Hunt Family: Thanks you so much for your sincere comments, it means so much to me :)

  4. Beautiful shots! You are so talented! I especially love the first one and the third from the bottom.

  5. they're all so great. i love the processing and the lighting looks perfect on all of them!

  6. Wow, these portraits are fabulous! What a treasure they will be for your friend.