Friday, June 18, 2010

Happy Birthday to Me

Well the day has come, tomorrow I turn a quarter of a century old. I've been thinking a lot about my birthday, I've never really dwelled on age or the significance of a birthday, but for some reason this time it's different for me. I feel like turning 25 is some sort of milestone. When I was 21 I moved to Seattle and met Brett (husband), when I was 22 I had our first baby, Jude. When I was 23 Brett and I got married, and when I was 24 we had our second baby, Lennon. So now Im 25, Im embarking upon a lifetime of motherhood, and Im determined to maintain my identity. It's time to start focusing on goals and finding a way to make those goals reality. The past 4 years have just been a whirlwind and I want to slow down, really just stop and appreciate all the little blessings that we encounter every day. I want to get out into the world and experience wonderful things with my family and make incredible memories. I want to try exotic foods, listen to every genre of music, meet and appreciate people from all walks of life and travel anywhere and everywhere. Can you relate?

25 random facts about myself

1. I have a darkroom in my basement, thats where I process all my film
2. If I can't have something sweet with my coffee it nearly kills me
3. I remember the first moment that I saw my husband, yes i do believe in love at first sight.
4. I have a bad habit of biting my fingers around the nail when Im nervous, bored, or stressed.
5. I have a weird/expensive addiction to ebay
6. On my wedding day I walked down the aisle to "Something" by George Harrison
7. I moved to Seattle on my 21st birthday, at the time I didn't know a soul here.
8. My favorite movie is The Royale Tenenbaums
9. I love to watch my babies sleep
10. I've never been skinny dipping
11. I want to learn how to play the piano, well
12. I hate pot pies
13. I've never been able to french braid hair
14. I have an obsession with trees, and now have one tattooed on my left forearm
15. I started shooting photography with my mom's old Ricoh which she used as a young photographer
16. My first job was at a nursing home, I was a "dietary aide"
17. I secretly watch iCarly
18. I HATE painting my finger and toenails (so I never do)
19. I work on the Picnik team for Google
20. Im completely obsessed with Martha Stewart
21. I have an over active sense of smell, and its even worse when Im pregnant, I hate it!
22. I celebrated my 16th birthday with my host family while living in Nice, France
23. I collect vintage rotary phones
24. I hosted a tea party on the roof of my parents house when I was 5 years old, my guest was my 2 year old sister... our neighbors saw us and called my mother, who was 8 months pregnant at the time and had to try and lure us back into the house. I hope my kids never do anything like that to me ;)
25. Brett and I got married in a tiny chapel in the middle of the country in Montana, we had under 20 guests there and it was the happiest day of my life.


  1. 25 is a great year (in my experience). I was in a similar place in life when I turned 25, and was really comfy in my skin. Then a few more years later, I realized as I got nearer 30 (gasp!), I was even comfy-er in my skin and more confident as a mother and wife. Treasure this list of things about you, look back on it when you're frazzled. And chase those dreams! :D
    ps--found you on flickr (mamafence)

  2. Happy Birthday!! I went skydiving for my 25th b-day...and got the top of my ear pierced...I was so ahead of my one else I knew had "Dared" to do that...isn't that funny, now they pierce everything. I turn 50 this Summer...Hmmmm what shall I do? Anyway, I'm your latest follower...I can tell already this is going to be a great blog!

  3. Thank you both so much for commenting and sharing your 25th birthday experiences I love it!! Im so happy to have you both reading :) Great to hear from you!

    Gina: 30 seriously scares the crap out of me! lol... just because I know its fast approaching and 30 really says "adult" to me, which im not sure im worthy of just yet, haha. I have become more comfortable in my own skin and am glad you mention that, one of the most fabulous things about aging is getting to know yourself and appreciating everything that makes up you. Thanks for commenting!

    Spittin Toad: I LOVE that you went skydiving and pierced your upper ear on your 25th birhtday! I think its so cool that you were doing things that others didn't dare do.. thats what life is all about! Thank you for sharing and happy 50th this summer!

  4. Hmm I'm pretty sure that when I turned 25 I had an 80s themed party in which you attented :) I'm getting pretty close to 30 and I don't feel like an adult at all. There are times when I'm not sure I know who I am. But I love that you plan on maintaining your identity and doing all these things you dream of. I love your list of things about you, it makes me want to make a list for myself. It sounds like you had a great 25th birthday! Oh and I secretly watch iCarly too... I don't know why but I think it's great. And I saw this really awesome rotary phone in an antique shop a couple of days ago and thought of you. But it was like 300 bucks! it was so cool though and unlike any one you already have. And I love your number 24 :)

  5. Happy late birthday! I too just turned 25 but mine was back in May. Hope you had a great b-day!